Teachers Eligibility Test Preparation Tips

Here we are touching into the preparation tips of forth coming Teachers Eligibility Test. We are requesting our fellow candidates to follow to achieve your feet.
  • The first important thing for the candidates is, you should not get scare about the nearby examination. So please stop reading new topics from today. And Start revising your previously prepared materials which may give you further confidence.
  • For the subject of Tamil please concentrate on your Tamil Book/Epic Writers, Tamil Numbers, Types of Pa, Tamil Grammar (ANI) and few other topics as well.
  • The following area must be get thorough before Child Management and Teaching, Principles Givers, Applications, Year of Development, Psychology, etc.,
  • Make sure in the areas of Acronyms in English, Synonyms, Antonyms, Birds Family, Animals Family, and Sounds of Animals.
  • In the Mathematics department, the formula in Number system, Area, Perimeter, Volume, Statistics, Simple Interest, Compound Interest as well.
  • Physical Units, Principles, Facts, and its Applications are very important area’s in Physics. Then in Chemistry, chemical formulae, Ores, Compound Materials, Symbol of Elements, and some daily uses of chemicals are very important.
  • In Biology you must be thorough in Bacteria, Virus, RBCs, WBCs, Animal cell, Plants cell, types of Diseases, Vitamins, etc.,
  • In world Geography area you need to be careful about Planets and their characteristics, then Indian States and capitals, Important Disasters, and year of occurrence, Indian Mountains, and Forest areas.
  • While in History, you have to take care in important wars and its years, freedom struggle, books and Authors, Freedom Movement Founders, etc.,
  • Moving to Civics part, know well about your Indian Constitution, Schedules, and Amendments as well.
  • In Environmental studies take care of Ecology, Environmental countries, Environmental Days and Symbols etc.,
  • Few general aspects about space communication issues will be useful.
Most importantly prepare well of your previous year question papers which may increase your confidence level higher.
Finally, Time Management is very important in this Competitive exam. So please practice your time management services as well.
All the very best for your examinations!


Please post your thoughts and queries for Teachers Eligibility Test Preparation Tips