The test and tears 20 students in TET Exam

Madurai: The certificates given by Sri Meenakshi Government College for Women have been rejected for 20 students and they are now struggling to get a teaching job in spite of having a bachelor’s degree.

In 1997, the Government College renamed the BA English Literature course as BA Communicative English. Lots of students have passed out of this course all these 11 years and have got jobs both in private and public sectors. However, the issue came to limelight only recently when twenty of the old students were rejected in Teachers Recruitment Board (TRB) postings for not possessing prescriptive degree. It is only after this incident that the students and parents also realised that there is no government approval to take this course as equivalent to BA English. While their certificates were being verified, TRB found that Communicate English was not approved by Government. Hence, all these students were rejected in spite of them passing the examination conducted by TRB.

The old students and present students of this course gathered in the collectorate during the public grievance redressal day and submitted a petition to the district collector, seeking his intervention in this issue. After a long struggle, on Nov 27, Government approved this course. However the 20 candidates’ certificates have still not been accepted and their career has come to a question mark now.

Some of the students, Divya Priya, Punitha (Madurai), Lakshmi (Theni), Divya (Rameshwaram), Muthupriya (Sivagasi), said “When we joined in the college, we were told that it is English Literature Course. It is only when we received the certificates that we came to know that it is “Communicate English” course. When we asked our management, they said that only the name of the course has changed and that shouldn’t be a worry. But now we are the sufferers.” They also urged the government to consider their certificates and provide them jobs.

“The name of a course has been changed and has been running for 11 years in a government college without any approval. Nobody has noticed this and only when students are being rejected for jobs it has become an issue. TRP told us that if we get an “equivalent certificate” the earlier certificates will be considered. But till now, even after government giving the approval, we haven’t got any update from TRP. Who should we blame now”, the parents of the rejected students were fuming in fear and desperation.


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