The Luck favours the teachers during TET Online counseling

An online counseling for the job allocation of the 8,718 graduate teachers who were chosen through TET examination was held throughout the state. About 6,500 candidates hit the “jackpot” by being able to select jobs in their own divisions. Through TET examination, 9,664 Secondary teachers, 8,718 graduate teachers to a total of 18,382 candidates were selected. To all of them an online counseling for their post allocation was held subsequently.

In Chennai division, there were no availabilities for the post allocation. Yet 165 graduate candidates had applied for the same owing to the openings online. Besides the lucky candidates who got their allocations in Chennai, many were able to apply for posts along the divisions of Tiruvallur, Kanchipuram, Dharmapuri, Vellore, kadalur and Thiruvannamali. It was said that these places hosted many vacancies for the teacher posts except in the subject of Mathematics. This helped about 6,418 candidtes to have their post allocations in their own divisions.

The joy to teachers:
About 73.61% teachers were allocated in their own divisions which has lead to an active look-out towards online counseling system. Mr. Kannappan, Associate Educational Director spoke that, this system has facilitated a positive outcome for teachers as well as the educational system which had vacancies needed to be filled immediately.

Chennai job allocation: A letdown:
The teachers, who were allocated in Chennai through online openings despite the said fact that there were no openings in Chennai, found out later that the posts were indeed unavailable. The stunned and distressed teachers were then pacified by Mr. Kannappan that they could apply for posts at Thiruvallur and Kanchipuram divisions.

The online counseling will further continue for allocating posts for the 9,664 Secondary teacher candidates selected through TET.


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