TET jobs on the door steps: The joy of the teachers

The TET examination selections yielded about 18,000 plus teacher candidates, in both graduate and secondary teacher categories. This selection has entailed that the candidates be employed into their posts within a week. Accordingly, as the test results came out by 4th, the teacher candidates are expected to take up their positions at schools on 13th.

This requirement by the government has lead to the option of online counseling for a quick filling up of the posts. The teacher candidates were able select their posts in their desired places within the mentioned divisions of Tiruvallur, Kanchipuram, Dharmapuri, Thiruvannamali, Vellore and Kadalur.  This delighted the candidates a plenty.

The news confirmation of selection of the candidates and their call letters for the posts were sent to the candidates through different means by the Government officials. Information of selection was confirmed via Television channels, cell phone calls to the candidate numbers were a few methods through which it was delivered.

To a few, the Government teachers were asked to deliver the confirmation letters personally to the newly selected candidates on their door steps who work in the same division as the candidates selected. This has seamlessly delighted many and they are all ready to take up their posts with double delight, confirmed sources.


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