No Head master in Schools

According to the order of the Educational Board of the state, about 284 schools have been upgraded of their standard from Middle school level (year-2010-2011). But on that note, no proper Head masters have been assigned for the 284 school.

All over Tamil Nadu to improvise the standard of the education in schools, the Elementary schools are being upgraded to Middle school standards, Middle schools to High schools, High schools to Higher Secondary school standards over the years. This was effected first in the year 2010-2011, by the first standardization of upgrading about 284 Elementary schools to Middle school standards. But, these schools were not assigned of the head Mastership as necessitated by the upgradation. 

Most senior teachers in the schools have taken up the additional responsibility of the Head Mastership along with their own. To relieve this stress and also to create employment opportunities to teacher candidates, it is being proposed by Mr. Murugan Selvaraj, State General Secretary that the Government and State Educational Board take immediate action on this and promote deserving, graduate teachers based on seniority to the posts of Head Mastership. This would leave 284 posts of teachers vacant in the schools to which the about 18,000 teacher candidates who have been selected through TET can be employed.

Hoping to correct the failing system that started with a wonderful cause in mind- A plea to the State Educational Board!


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